Garden accessories – How does your garden grow?

Your own vegetable patch

Organic food delivery companies such as Abel and Cole have cashed in on the demand for fresh, seasonal vegetables delivered straight to your home. But why not grow your own? A vegetable patch is the latest must-have garden accessory. It doesn’t mean you need acres of land or even an allotment. From vine tomatoes in your window box to beans in your backyard or courgettes adding colour to a lawn border, all you need is the know-how. Pick up tips on seeds, bulbs, tools and containers from or

Gnomes in vogue

In August 2008, a little gnome by the name of Murphy made national headlines by coming home after a seven-month tour of the world – proof that although the red-capped little fellow may have temporarily lost his stronghold in the garden, he still has a place in our hearts. So why not honour his efforts – including abseiling and hiking in New Zealand and posing in Sydney Harbour – and put the little gnome back under the bushes where he belongs. If the kitsch Russian doll can make a comeback, then surely he can.

A load of rubbish?

Before you throw out that old, chipped teapot or discard that Victorian watering can just because it has lost its spout, think about adding a bit of peat and a lavender, rosemary or thyme plant and you’ve created a beautiful herb garden that doesn’t cost the earth. Make sure you have home insurance though to protect them if they get stolen. Get more ideas of how to turn your unwanted household goods – from saucepans to sinks to shoes – into beautiful garden containers from Planted Junk by Adam Caplin and Francesca Yorke (Ryland, Peters and Small, around £6 from