What to do if your pipes have frozen

If the pipes in your home have frozen, just follow these quick steps to help prevent or limit any damage. Watch our short video, or see the steps shown below.

Help prepare your home for freezing weather

  1. Ok. First things first – turn the water off, drain the system and leave the taps open.
  2. A good way to thaw out frozen pipes is to use a hairdryer. Just run the hairdryer up and down the pipes a section at a time. If you’ve found a leak, put something underneath to collect water. Only use a hairdryer when safe to – being very careful if near water. If the pipe is damaged, the water could spray up and cause electrocution.
  3. If you’d rather, you could use a hot water bottle tied to the pipes with a towel. But whatever you do, don’t use a naked flame like a blow torch to thaw your pipes as you could cause some serious damage.
  4. If your pipes thaw and they don’t seem to be damaged, slowly open your stopcock until water starts running through the taps again. Then you can turn your taps off.
  5. If your pipes have burst and you need help, call our helpline on 0345 603 3590 and our team will talk you through what to do.

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