Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Last updated: 31st March 2020

Following the Government’s announcement asking everyone to stay at home, we’re making some changes to the way we work to make sure we’re looking after our people and our customers. We’re setting up as many of our colleagues as possible to work from home, but this will take a few days.

In the short-term, we’re only accepting new business online. That means new customers can’t buy insurance over the phone.

Existing customers: Please don’t phone unless it’s absolutely necessary.

We need to prioritise:

  • Customers who have an urgent claim, for example your car is undrivable following an accident, you are injured, or your home is uninhabitable.
  • Customers who can’t pay now as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, call us - we want to help you.

If you have questions about your renewal or want to make a change to your policy, you can use our virtual assistant. If your policy is due to renew in the next week and you haven’t opted for auto-renewal, please call us. If you have opted for auto-renewal, please make sure your insurance still meets your needs.

For more information and frequently asked questions about COVID-19, go to our Coronavirus help and support page.

Spring cleaning – a room by room guide

Ideas for clothes horses

It’s amazing how many people own clothes that they never wear. Having a wardrobe clear-out can actually be great fun and leaves room for new purchases. You can give your old clothes to charity or even sell them on Internet auction sites so that you have the money to buy new things. Get a friend to help you (they might be interested in what you don’t want!) and remember: if you haven’t worn an item for a year, then chances are you probably won’t any time soon.

A shipshape bathroom!

Dust can really collect in the bathroom, especially if you have a lot of toiletries exposed on shelves, sinks and the bath. Try to de-clutter these areas. Throw away or recycle any empty bottles and get into the habit of giving all surfaces a daily wipe with anti-bacterial spray. You can get eco-friendly ones plus non-chemical toilet cleaners from most supermarkets these days. If you have some spare cash, then invest in some fresh hand and bath towels, a new toilet brush and fragrant candles to combat any nasty toilet smells.

On to the kitchen

Clean out your cupboards, fridge and freezer of any out-of-date foods. Rearrange any foods that need to be stored in an airtight container – you can self-seal bags using handy snappers from kitchen stores or ‘pound’ shops. Make sure you clean down all surfaces with anti-bacterial spray before you replace food.

Don’t be tempted to ignore the tide of splashes and grubby marks on your kitchen walls, even if your worktops are super clean. Do a tour of your kitchen with a wet cloth and anti-bacterial spray. Check above the hob, on fridge and freezer doors, behind the sink, near the kettle and near dining areas.

Ovens and sinks

Cleaning the oven can be a chore but a good spring clean inside and out will make it easier to maintain cleanliness throughout the year. Protect your hands with gloves and use a scouring pad (although do check the oven manufacturer’s guidelines first to see if this is suitable) to remove any greasy or fatty marks.

Shine up your sink and drainer with surface cleaner. A little baking soda is a good natural option to help clean your drains, while ice cubes can help keep waste disposal blades sharp. You can also run an empty dishwasher cycle with baking soda to help get rid of any build up.

Beds and sofas

Dust loves to build up around your mattress and between sofa cushions. And did you know that part of this dust will actually be formed from your dead skin cells?! It’s exactly the kind of environment that dust mites love. So give them the heave-ho by taking mattresses and cushions outside to air. Then turn your mattress and cushions to give used sides a chance to recuperate. Mattress covers are also a great investment for keeping dust and mites out. Make sure you clean these regularly, along with sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers.

Moving outside

Get friends and family together and have a good clear-out of outbuildings such as the garage and shed. These are places where it’s easy for clutter to build up – out of sight, out of mind. If you can clear a good space you can make room for recreational items such as bicycles, camping gear, garden furniture, and sports equipment. When you want to take it all outdoors in summer, you’ll know exactly where it is.

Give you garden a helping hand to shake off winter and welcome summer. Remove weeds and dead leaves, cut the lawn and trim hedges, borders and shrubs so that they have a new lease of life and room to grow. Remember you may need planning permission to trim or cut some plants or trees. If you make space, spring is also a great time to sow some seeds, ready for new blooms and even fruit and vegetables in summer.

Have fun

Above all, don’t let spring-cleaning be a bore. Put on some music, throw open the windows and if you can, gather friends and family to help. When you’ve finished, you can all sit back and enjoy your sparkling, clean home together. Just make sure you have home insurance to cover it all.