Cheaper travel insurance

Where to find cheaper travel insurance

The holiday insurance sold by travel agents is often considerably more expensive than policies sold by insurance companies, so if you want cheaper travel insurance, it’s well worth shopping around.

Here are our top tips for finding cheaper travel insurance:

  1. Buy from an insurance company not a travel agent
  2. If you’re planning two or more trips abroad in the next twelve months consider taking out annual travel insurance
  3. Some companies offer discounts if you buy online
  4. Check what types of policy are available, you could find cheaper travel insurance if you take out a family or couples policy
  5. Make sure your policy is right for you – for example do you need winter sports cover included?
  6. If you have personal possessions cover with your home insurance, and you want cheaper travel insurance, it may be possible to adjust this part of your travel policy – but always make sure you have sufficient cover.
  7. Look out for special offers and promotions