Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Last updated: 2nd April 2020

Following the Government’s announcement asking everyone to stay at home, we’re making some changes to the way we work to make sure we’re looking after our people and our customers. We’re setting up as many of our colleagues as possible to work from home, but this will take a few days.

In the short-term, we’re only accepting new business online. That means new customers can’t buy insurance over the phone.

Existing customers: Please don’t phone unless it’s absolutely necessary.

We need to prioritise:

  • Customers who have an urgent claim, for example your car is undrivable following an accident, you are injured, or your home is uninhabitable.
  • Customers who can’t pay now as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, call us - we want to help you.

If you have questions about your renewal or want to make a change to your policy, you can use our virtual assistant. If your policy is due to renew in the next week and you haven’t opted for auto-renewal, please call us. If you have opted for auto-renewal, please make sure your insurance still meets your needs.

For more information and frequently asked questions about COVID-19, go to our Coronavirus help and support page.

Group Holidays

Group holidays

Travelling is invariably more fun if you do it with someone else. Churchill annual cover will make sure your companions are as well looked after as you are.

From family holidays to business travel and school trips, most of the journeys we undertake are in groups. However, finding separate insurance for each person for each trip can be a costly and time-consuming exercise, which is why Churchill annual cover will put up to 6 people on one policy for an entire year.

Travelling in a group can also reduce your other expenses, such as car hire, accommodation and food.

And as well as offering companionship, being part of a group can help make foreign travel safer, particularly if you are female or if you head off the beaten track, as long as you all remain vigilant at all times. Make sure you do regular head counts, particularly when departing somewhere such as a bar or nightclub – it’s easy to leave someone behind!

Even if you don’t travel together, everyone on your Churchill annual cover policy will remain protected on any journeys they make. For example, if your kids jet off to France on a school trip, they’ll still be covered even if you stay at home to enjoy a bit of well-deserved peace and quiet.

Make savings on your travel insurance by adding up to ten people on your Churchill annual cover. For group discounts, get a quote online today.