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Do you need travel insurance for a golf trip?

Updated on: 16 September 2020

Golf holiday

Whether you’re hoping to squeeze in a few rounds on a relaxing holiday, or seal the deal on an important business trip, golf might well be the main reason for choosing your next break.

Although it’s not essential to have specialist golfing travel insurance, it’s still a good idea to make sure you have suitable cover in case something happens to your clubs. As any player will tell you, golfing equipment doesn’t come cheap.

Let’s start with the easy bit…

Where to go

There’s nothing wrong with shooting some holes by yourself, but golf is a sociable way to relax with old friends and meet new ones. And with the upsurge in golf resorts around the world, there’s an abundance of places offering activities for non-golfers too, such as spas, shopping and excursions to museums or vineyards. 

Some of our favourite golfing destinations include: 

  • Arizona… incredible scenery with courses surrounded by red rock mountains.
  • Barbados… warm temperatures for most of the year in a paradise island setting.
  • California… snowboard in the morning, golf in the afternoon and kayak at sunset.
  • Scotland… historic courses and changeable weather (for that extra challenge).
  • South Africa… some of the best wines in the world for when you reach the 19th hole.

How to book

If you’re a keen golfer, you’ll want to make sure the quality of the course you’ll be playing on is up to scratch. In this case, it’s best to book your holiday through one of the many specialist golfing holiday websites, which you’ll find with a quick web search.

New or novice golfers can also use these sites to find inspiration for holidays and get a taste for their first golf break. Travel sections in newspapers can also offer advice and tips on new and exciting golfing holidays around the world.

What to insure

Having travel insurance should cover you for when things go wrong overseas, such as costs towards emergency medical treatment, unexpected delays, losing your passport or even having to cancel your holiday. But you might also want to consider insurance that includes additional cover that protects your golfing equipment.

When it comes to choosing golf cover, the benefits you should be looking out for include:

  • Cover for the loss, theft or damage to your golf equipment
  • Costs towards hiring equipment if yours is delayed or sent to the wrong place
  • Cover for non-refundable green fees if your trip is cancelled or cut short
  • Personal liability for injury, loss or damage when using a golf buggy on the course

Some providers will allow you to add golf cover to your travel insurance, meaning you don’t have to take out a separate policy specifically tailored towards golf trips.

And with all that taken care of, you can be left to concentrate on the game.

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