Golfing holidays and insurance

Golfing holidays and insurance

’Golf is a good walk spoiled‘ said American author Mark Twain, but by the recent upsurge in golf resorts and golf holidays around the world, not everyone would agree. In fact, more and more people are building golf into their holidays or business trips, as a way of relaxing, meeting people and even striking deals. So what makes a great golfing trip?

Where to go

First, choose your destination – there are plenty to consider:

  • Arizona – make the most of incredible scenery with courses surrounded by red rock mountains
  • Barbados – perfect weather all year round in a desert island paradise setting
  • California – snowboard in the morning, golf in the afternoon and ocean kayaking at sunset
  • Scotland – historic courses with ancient golfing history and challenging weather!
  • France, Spain and South Africa – more great courses and some of the best wines in the world for when you reach the 19th hole!

How to book

If you’re a keen golfer then you’ll probably want to make sure that the quality of the golf course you’ll be playing on is up to scratch. In this case, it’s probably best to book your holiday through one of the many specialist golfing holiday websites, which you’ll find with a quick web search. New or novice golfers can also use these sites to find inspiration for holidays and get a taste for their first golf break. Travel sections in publications such as The Guardian also offer advice and tips on new and exciting golfing holidays around the world.

Keeping good company

There’s nothing to stop you shooting some holes by yourself, but as golfing is an extremely sociable game it’s a great way to relax with old friends and meet new ones. Many golfing holidays are located in resorts or areas where there are plenty of activities for non-golfers such as spas, shopping and excursions to museums or vineyards. This could work if you have a partner who doesn’t want to golf but would like to travel with you.

Lone golfers can book a golf break and meet new golf buddies who are travelling on their own too. Golfing breaks have long been a popular way to strike a deal on a business trip – a far nicer way in which to thrash out ideas than in a stuffy conference room, and you’ll have fun – great for building relationships. If you need to organise a business trip, this could be a good avenue to look into.

Insuring your golf equipment

With Churchill travel insurance you can cover your golf clubs as well as yourself. Our travel insurance policy includes cover for loss, theft or damage to your golf equipment plus personal liability for injury as well and loss or damage when using a golf buggy on a golf course. This is in addition to all the usual benefits you get when you take out our single-trip or annual travel insurance.