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Churchill is an expert when it comes to car insurance, but also has quite a bit of knowledge on motoring in general. If you’re ever trying to remember what to check when you’re buying a second hand car, or what to do when you break down on the motorway, have a look at some of our guides below.

We’re always adding new information to help our customers, so check again soon for new topics.

Your car

  • Working out your annual mileage – If you’re wondering what your annual mileage is, please check our mileage table
  • Are Winter Tyres Worth it? – Many drivers think there’s not much point switching to seasonal tyres to deal with the British winter. But despite the extra expense, winter tyres can significantly improve your car’s safety – and not just in snow and ice…
  • Driving in snow and ice: top tips – Driving in icy or snowy conditions is the toughest test you and your car are likely to face. Beat the elements and stay safe with these handy pointers…
  • New or Used? – top tips from Churchill on how to buy a second hand car and getting a good deal.
  • Year of manufacture – how to find out how old a car is.
  • Buying a car – all the information you need on buying a new motor, from setting a budget, to how to test drive.
  • Running a car – get the most out of your car and save money in the process.
  • Selling a car – there are various options when selling a car – here they are explained.
  • Top 10 most stolen cars – find out if your car is one of them and how you can prevent it being stolen or broken into.
  • You and your MOT – In the UK, all cars over three years old are required to undergo an annual MOT (Ministry of Transport) test. Find out how it could affect your insurance.
  • Older drivers – Churchill car insurance insure drivers aged 17-80 and offer a number of car insurance standard covers and optional extras that are useful to older drivers.
  • Eight cars to buy in a recession – It’s not just cheaper models that can save money as the recession bites. Here are some of the best options for buying in a recession.

On the road

  • Pregnancy driving advice – Unsure whether it’s safe to drive when you’re pregnant? Read on to get helpful pregnancy driving advice.
  • Should older drivers retake their tests? – As more and more people over 70 take to the roads, should they be asked to resit their driving tests?
  • Barmy breakdown stories and what to do when your car breaks down – read our advice on what to do when your car breaks down, as well as some interesting stories from Green Flag’s breakdown technicians
  • Collision course – what to do if you have a crash – important steps to follow if you have an accident while driving
  • Accident repair centres – about the service you get from Churchill if you break down
  • Are we nearly there yet? – tips for a comfortable car journey
  • Driving in snow and ice – winter driving can be hazardous, so know the dangers and how to avoid them with some tips from Churchill car insurance
  • Trouble-free motoring holidays – make sure your car is up to the challenge if you’re planning a long journey and get some tips on keeping your passengers happy
  • Safer driving – Make sure your driving is best practice – just because you proved you were competent enough to pass your driving test, it doesn’t mean the habits you’ve adopted since are the safest
  • Recovering from a skid – The vast majority of skids are caused by human error, so it makes sense to try and avoid them and understand what to do if preventative measures don’t work
  • Avoiding road rage – Confrontations between drivers are becoming increasingly common – steering clear of these situations is definitely the road to being a better driver
  • Driving in rush hour – Rush hour traffic can be hazardous because it’s tiring and takes immense concentration. But if you look ahead, watch your speed and try to relax, you’ll reduce your risk of collision
  • Driving at night – There are two main things that can make it hard to stay alert while driving at night – lack of visibility and tiredness. But there are steps you can take to improve your driving skills at night, to help you stay safe on the road
  • What to do if you have a car accident – a car accident can be a frightening experience. But knowing what to do will give you confidence to handle the situation.
  • Safety advice for car drivers and passengers – Find out how to keep your passengers safe and what they can do to help you stay focused on the road.
  • How to tow caravans and trailers – If you are thinking of taking to the open road with a caravan or trailer, there are a few safety and legal tips you need to be aware of.
  • Defensive driving – You don’t have to take an advanced driving course to drive defensively or well. It’s all about using your common sense, staying alert and keeping within the law, which exists to protect you and other drivers.
  • Tips on driving your car abroad – With more of us than ever driving abroad each year, especially in Europe, it pays to be prepared before you set off. Here’s what you need to know…

Eco-friendly driving

  • Supercars go green – Supercars which guzzle gas are becoming old-fashioned – the latest generation of playboys’ cars are green, fuel-efficient, hybrids, even electric – and they’re fast!
  • Drive green and save money – how to reduce your fuel consumption.
  • Buying a more environmentally friendly car – we all want to do our bit for the environment so buying a greener car is a great place to start.
  • Car sharing – Car sharing can help you save money and it helps the environment too. How can you make the most of it? How do you go about finding a car sharer or car sharing associations?

Churchill’s guide to car insurance

Just for fun

  • Cool cars on TV and the big screen – When it comes to the coolest cars, there’s nowhere like TV and the movies for iconic motors. We take a spin in five of our favourites.
  • Driverless cars – Cars without drivers aren’t just the preserve of science fiction writers. From next year passengers can hop into new driverless vehicles at Heathrow Airport.
  • Road signs – Churchill’s special horoscopes will help you decide what car to buy and explain your driving style!
  • Unusual driving rituals – Churchill takes a look at some of the more unusual driving superstitions – from people who scratch their own cars to others who make a wish at the end of a tunnel…
  • Good idea, but not good enough… – Inventors and science fiction writers have been predicting a future of flying cars for over a century now, and although they have failed to become commonplace.
  • Party drives – Churchill looks at partying on the road.
  • Should you drive on Friday the 13th? – Friday has been considered an unlucky day at least since Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales. But why is this particular combination of day and date thought to be bad luck?
  • Now that’s what I call driving music! – Driving with the right music can take your mind off the most challenging of car journeys – roadworks, accidents or motorways in bad weather. Here, Churchill give you some top tunes to inspire you.

Learning to drive

  • Advanced driving test – More about the Institute of Advanced Motorists and how the advanced driving test can benefit you.
  • Help your child be a safe driver – It’s not just about getting into good driving habits, young drivers also need to understand some basic car maintenance.
  • Tips on how to pass your driving test – Suggestions from Churchill car insurance on how to give yourself the best possible chance on the day.
  • Guidance for new drivers – Why driving with p-plates is something all new drivers should do, plus more information on penalty points for new drivers.
  • Highway Code Driving Theory test – A sample of 10 Highway Code Driving Theory questions, set by the Driving Standards Agency, any or all of which could appear in real test.
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