The good news is that there are more bikes on the road than ever – the bad news is that the number of bike thefts has also risen. Government reports show that more than 150,000 bikes are stolen every year and only 15% are ever recovered. So, what can you do to beat the thieves?

Lock it up

Invest in a good lock. D-shaped shackle locks can be the most secure but an armoured cable lock may give better flexibility – if you need to lock it onto a lamppost for example. Also, think about the weight of your lock – you need to make sure you or your bike can carry it comfortably!

Visit opens in a new window to get some ideas on locks, or take your bike into your local bicycle shop and get their expert advice.

You can also get locks for wheels, usually in the form of a long cable that threads through the spokes and attaches to your main lock. If you don’t have one of these the best idea might be to take your wheels with you when you park up. Some wheels are highly prized even without the rest of the bike! The same applies to seats and lights – if in doubt, take them with you.

Choose a good parking spot

Lock your bike to something solid and secure and make sure thieves can’t lift your bike up and over a pole or post. Aim for a well-lit public place which is, if possible, also viewed by a security camera.

ID your bike by getting it postcoded by the police. Or you can register it with Immobilise at This is a free register of possession that links up with the Police National Stolen Equipment Database. It’s also wise to take a photo of your bike in case you need proof of its identity for police. Get more bike security tips from Cycling England.

Insure it

The risk of getting your bike stolen is pretty high – so it’s well worth paying a small premium to get it insured. With a Churchill home insurance policy, your bike would be covered along with the rest of your home contents, if it is kept inside your house. However for peace of mind whilst away from home you will need to take out Personal Possessions cover which includes cycle cover up to £500 per cycle.

Making a claim

With Churchill Home Insurance, there are no forms for you to complete, making the claim process quick and hassle free. To report a claim, simply call us on 0345 603 3590 . Lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll need your policy schedule to hand, a crime number if you’ve been a victim of bicycle theft (report this to the police immediately) and proof of purchase plus ID if you have it.

Help take some of the stress out of having your bicycle stolen – cover it with Churchill Home Insurance. It’s quick and easy to get an online quote today, just visit and see how much you could save.