Green: getting back to nature

Signs and symbols

Green has now become the official colour for all things environmental, eco-friendly and world changing. It’s not hard to see why. The colour of grass, leaves and spring has symbolised renewal since ancient times. Green is the basis of many beautiful landscapes from deep emerald oceans to vast deep forests. In many ways green is associated with the positive things in life, but it does have its flip side – it’s also the colour of envy!

Get inspired

Head out into the countryside or garden and you can breathe in an array of verdant hues. Of course, spring and summer are when you’ll find the bright green leaves and buds, but don’t forget the glossy dark greens of winter, including holly, ivy and Christmas trees. And keeping with the winter theme, the image we all have of jolly Father Christmas wearing a fur-trimmed red suit is in fact inaccurate. He originally wore green until Coca Cola dressed him in red for their advertising campaigns. Many of the most calming greens can be found in the sea, merging with cool turquoises.

Best for…

Green lends a peaceful watery feel to the bathroom. You can use tiles, paint and tinted glass, as well as towels and bathmats as a way of incorporating the colour. A lick of jade green – one with a natural hue – adds a touch of French elegance to door frames or windowsills in rooms that are predominantly wooden or white, especially when teamed with lavender window boxes. Dark greens can be ideal for period dining rooms. Try adding some sumptuous bottle green velvet cushions or upholstery to create a luxurious feel. Unless you’re jazzing up a kid’s room try to avoid any acid lime tones!

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