Guaranteed Hire Car Plus

Courtesy Car and Guaranteed Hire Car Plus

When you have Churchill Car Insurance, you'll got a courtesy car at no extra cost if yours is being fixed by one of our approved repairers (excluding windscreen damage). Subject to availability.

Or you might find our Guaranteed Hire Car Plus option more suitable, perhaps if you drive a family car or share one car in your household.

Use our comparison table to help you decide.

Guaranteed Hire Car Plus (optional cover for an additional premium) Courtesy Car following a claim (included in your policy)
Will this cover me for…
fire damage?
damage as a result of an accident?
damage due to theft?
is stolen and not recovered?
is not repairable?*
(see other conditions below)
is awaiting repair?
only has windscreen or glass damage?
Will this cover me if...
I use my own choice of garage rather than one of your own approved repairers?
I use one of your own network of approved repairers?
Will I get a car or van that is a similar physical size to my own?
What type of car will I get? Similar physical size to your own car or van. It may not be the same as your own vehicle in terms of its type, value or status. A small hatchback or similar with an engine size of 1000cc
How long will I have the car for? For up to 21 days in a row For the duration of the repair
When can I have the courtesy car? You can decide when to start using it after you report a claim, but the maximum time limits above apply Only whilst your car is being repaired by one of our network of approved repairers as a result of a claim
Will the car be delivered to and collected from my home address where possible?
Who will provide the courtesy car? Hire car company Our network of approved repairers
Under what conditions? Up to £50 a day up to a maximum of £500 over the 21 days following your claim whilst you carry your normal daily routines – if we are unable to find you a hire car, or your car has been professionally adapted or converted to carry a disabled driver or passenger, and a suitable hire car is not available N/A
Is this option available if the insurance cover I have is not Comprehensive?
* Where my car is not repairable and payment is being issued to settle my claim, how long can I keep the courtesy car? For 3 days after the first payment has been issued to settle the claim N/A

Please note: if you already have car insurance with us, our former Guaranteed Hire Car option is still valid if you added it to your policy. Just check your policy documents to see if it's included or not. Either way, Guaranteed Hire Car Plus is also available to you.