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Multi-car discount

A multi-car discount from Churchill could save you money

Get ahead of the game by insuring all the cars in your household with Churchill up to a maximum of 10 vehicles. Subject to a minimum premium. For every car you bring us, the more you can save thanks to our multi-car discount.

The benefits of Churchill’s multi-car discount 

Everyone under your roof is eligible for a discount on their cars, and every policy is kept separate, so:

  • You can keep separate renewal dates, meaning you won’t get stung with all the renewal costs at the same time.
  • The other policy holders can be other members of your family or friends living at the address, or even you as the main policyholder but insuring a second vehicle as well.
  • If another driver in the household has a scrape and makes a claim, your No Claim Discount won’t be affected if you do not own the other vehicle(s).


How to apply for Churchill multi-car discount

Churchill multi-car discount is available to new and existing customers.

Insure your first car with us and you can then get a quick quote on other cars at the same address and benefit from our multi car discount.

Or call us on 0800 032 4829 and we’ll take care of everything for you.  


Cover you can rely on

There are plenty of benefits to choosing Churchill car insurance, including:

  • Uninsured driver cover
    If an uninsured driver hits your car, and it’s not your fault, we’ll cover your excess and protect your No Claim Discount (comprehensive cover only).
  • Brand new replacement car if your vehicle is less than 12 months old
  • Accident recovery helpline 24/7 for all comprehensive car customers
  • Cover for personal belongings in your car
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Non-fault claims (registration number, car make and model of the other driver required)
  • Named Driver No Claim Discount (NDNCD)
    Named drivers earn their own NDNCD, which can be used when they take out their own policy with us. Find out more about Named Driver No Claim Discount