Guaranteed Hire Car Plus

Just what you need?

The Guaranteed Hire Car Plus product could be just for you if you

  • Drive a larger or more powerful car
  • Have high annual mileage
  • Have only one car in the household
  • Use your car for commuting/business use
  • Drive a van

What do I get?

  • A car for up to 21 days from registering your claim
  • A car of a similar physical size to your own
  • Travel costs up to a maximum of £500 (over the 21 days following your claim), if a hire car is unavailable or you suffer an injury during the accident which prevents you from driving
  • Cover for up to 21 days from registering your claim

How do I buy?

Guaranteed Hire Car Plus is included with our Comprehensive Plus cover. You can also select it as an extra when getting a quote for Comprehensive cover. If you're an existing customer, just call us on and we'll add it to your policy.