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Motor Legal Cover

Motor Legal Cover is included with our Comprehensive Plus cover. It can also be added at any time to Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft policies for an additional premium.

If you have a road traffic accident involving your car where you're not to blame, you have a right to claim from the person responsible for the accident.

Motor Legal Cover cover will provide up to £100,000 of legal costs to help you to claim, where no other insurance policy will cover your losses, as long as there is a better than 50% chance that your claim will succeed.

What does Motor Legal Cover give you that car insurance doesn't?

Motor Legal Cover is there for you to help you recover losses you are not covered for by other insurance cover you may have.

Motor Legal Cover could help you claim for... Examples of claims
Injury to you or a passenger If you or your passenger are injured in an accident, Motor Legal Cover could help you claim compensation for those injuries.
Loss of earnings If you're injured in an accident that isn't your fault and are unable to work, Motor Legal Cover could help you recover loss of earnings.
Medical expenses If you're injured in an accident and need treatment, Motor Legal Cover could help you recover the medical costs.
Loss of possessions If your personal possessions are damaged as a result of an accident, Motor Legal Cover could help you claim back the cost of these items, if they're not covered elsewhere.
Damage to your car (Third Party Fire and Theft Only) If you do not have comprehensive insurance cover and your car is damaged by no fault of your own, Motor Legal Cover can help you recover repair costs.

Who is covered by the policy?

This cover provides protection for you and any one else authorised to drive or use your car and for any passengers.

How does it work?

If we accept your claim, a solicitor will be appointed to act for you who will handle all aspects of your claim such as:

  • Evaluating what you can claim for and the chance that your claim will succeed.
  • Locating specialists such as a medical expert or counsel. The specialist charges will be met by Motor Legal Cover.
  • Negotiating with the person responsible and their insurers
  • Commencing legal proceedings if necessary.

The appointed solicitor is regulated by the Law Society which, in addition to the high standards of service you would expect from Churchill, ensures that you receive a professional legal service.

All in all providing you with peace of mind and a hassle free solution when you need it most.

Please see policy wording for full policy terms and conditions