Traditionally, if you wanted to party on the road you would book a limousine, pile in with all your friends and cruise around the centre of town waving at every other car you pass.

While there is still a dizzying array of sites offering limousine hire (and stretch and super-stretch limos), the king bling option has to be a stretched Humvee.

Unmodified, these are already beasts of the road, as happy ferrying film execs around LA as they are moving troops around. Add leather interiors, champagne buckets, sound systems, DVD players and disco lights then triple the length and you’ve got yourself a venue for a serious mobile party.

Although big, stretch Humvees (or Hummers) aren’t the biggest party ride on the block, double-decker buses (some 20 years old) also have a mission to party.

Kitted out with a sound system and decorated with balloons and streamers, there are party buses in 14 UK cities plus San Diego, Spain, Sydney, Paris, Las Vegas, New York. Whichever city, the formula is the same – you get on the bus somewhere central, and cruise from bar to club to club in a mobile party. Popular with stag and hen parties, there are also themed ‘back to school’ and fancy dress options.

For celebrity-style mobile partying, what could beat the 80s action series A-Team van?

Revel in the opportunity to be Face, Hannibal, Murdoch or BA Baracus for a day, as several companies around the UK and the world hire out replicas of the iconic black van with the red go-faster stripe. You can even have one that plays DVDs of the series and as you set off on a road trip party you’ll have good reason to quote Mr T’s famous catchphrases: ‘Quit your jibber-jabber’ and ‘I ain’t gettin’ on no plane, fool’.

With a van this cool, who would?