What is pass plus?

Pass Plus is a training course aimed at new drivers which builds on existing driving skills and knowledge.

By taking Pass Plus training, you could benefit from:

  • more experience which should increase your confidence
  • stronger driving skills and more road knowledge
  • a reduced risk of being in a road crash
  • saving money – with pass plus, car insurance should be cheaper

The training consists of six modules which cover driving experiences you may not have covered yet such as driving at night and on dual carriageways and motorways. Contact your driving instructor for full details.

There is no test at the end of the training but your instructor will monitor you as you complete the six modules and you will need to achieve or exceed them all.

Booking your Pass Plus training

To take part in the scheme, you must have a full UK driving licence and must take your training within 12 months of passing your test.

To enrol, contact a qualified driving instructor and ask if they provide Pass Plus training. You will normally be charged the instructor’s standard driving lesson fee and can expect to need at least 6 lessons (based on 1 hour lessons).

Your Pass Plus training will take a minimum of six hours to complete. Please check the fee for each lesson with your instructor. It is possible you will need more than six hours which means it will cost more as you pay for the extra lessons.