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At Churchill we’re always looking for ways to save you money on your car insurance, and now we’ve introduced a range of discounts to help cover you for less. So whatever your insurance needs, read on to see how we could help you save.

Named Driver No Claim Discount

Named drivers will earn their own No Claim Discount

We’re one of the few companies to offer Named Driver No Claim Discount (NDNCD).

Drivers named on your insurance can earn their own discount for use on a Churchill policy for every year they remain claim-free on your policy.

Your named driver then has 90 days from the point their cover on your policy ends to get a quote from us, where they could receive up to five years NDNCD.

Should you make a claim, the NDNCD will be reduced.

Bear in mind, other insurers may not recognise NDNCD. Please note NDNCD is not the same as earnt NCD.

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Only Driver Discount

If you’re the only person on your car insurance policy and buy an additional car that will only be driven by you, we’ll give you a discount for your new vehicle.

This extra discount works in the same way as NCD, so if you make a claim, the discount will be reduced.

Both policies must remain on a one driver basis in order to keep this discount.

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Company Car No Claim Discount

If you’re over 25 and can provide a letter from your company on headed paper which:

  • Confirms you gave up a company car in the last 12 months
  • Names the insurer used
  • States that you were the only driver
  • And made no claims
  • You could get up to five years No Claim Discount.

Do you qualify? Call us on 03453 053981

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Breakdown Multi-Car Discount

Multi-car discounts on your breakdown cover

We can save you money with our multi-car discounts, available on all levels of breakdown cover.

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