Driverless cars

Cars without drivers aren’t just the preserve of science fiction writers. From next year passengers can hop into new driverless vehicles at Heathrow Airport

The driverless ULTra (Urban Light Transit) system at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 will be ready in spring 2010. Motoring industry pioneers are hoping that driverless cars, such as the pod-like four-person ULTra pods, can contribute to greener driving, help to reduce carbon emissions and make options such as car sharing more effective.

The future of transport

Current road users may not have to wait that long for technology to transform our concept of transport. Larry Burns, vice president of research and development at General Motors in the US, suggests that driverless cars could be on the road by 2015.

Burns told the BBC, ‘Imagine being able to talk on the phone, eat your breakfast, handle your emails, and leave the driving to the vehicle’.

‘Having cars that don’t crash,’ said Burns, ‘could also herald a brighter future for road safety, reducing the risk of injury to drivers and passengers, and potentially minimising car insurance claims and breakdown costs’. And don’t forget you could get discounts on your Churchill car insurance for safer driving.

On the right track

For those who can’t wait for the opening of ULTra to witness driverless cars, there’s always Disney’s Test Track (Opens in a new window) ride at Epcot, part of Walt Disney World resort in Florida.

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