Good manners cost nothing in the carf

Driving with good manners promotes road safety and makes everyone’s journey more pleasant and stress-free, plus courtesy costs nothing.

Driving etiquette – good or bad – affects us all, but there are some driving practices that most motorists find infuriating.

Top driving don’ts

Tailgating has been voted the most annoying road habit in a recent survey of drivers. Motorists using the phone while driving, being cut up by other drivers and not indicating were also high up in the frustration stakes. All these are potentially dangerous and the basis of good driving is safe driving.

A stress-free atmosphere within a car is vital to providing a comfortable car journey for your fellow passengers. While a few ‘Are we there yet?’ queries are to be expected from your children, such enquiries from your partner may not go down so well.

Good manners on the road

Here’s a few more do’s and don’ts to avoid being a road hog so you can be kings and queens of driving protocol and help make our roads a safer, and more enjoyable, way to travel.

  • Do say thank you when a car gives way. It’s polite to do so and guaranteed to brighten any driver’s day. But as the Highway Code states, don’t use your horn as a rebuke if someone nips out in front of you.
  • Do indicate when changing lanes on the motorway. Doing this takes little effort yet does a lot in terms of enhancing road safety. But don’t flash your headlights however much of a rush you are in to pass. Bide your time until a suitable chance arises.
  • Do obey speed limits because excessive speeding is a risk to you and other motorists – and your driving licence. Don’t amber gamble (drive when the amber light is showing) at traffic lights. The amber light has a valuable purpose, which is to provide pedestrians with sufficient road crossing time.

Too many people have to make a claim because of poor driving, which every year causes accidents, injuries and sadly, deaths. But by following these do’s and don’ts, you’ll be a more responsible driver, reducing the risks of accidents and injuries to yourself and others.

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