Now that’s what I call driving music!

Driving with the right music can take your mind off the most challenging of car journeys – roadworks, accidents or motorways in bad weather. Here are some top tunes to inspire you.

Searching for The Wrong-Eyed Jesus

This is the perfect soundtrack for a long-distance drive, far from home, so ditch your usual selection of songs for car journeys in favour of the ultimate road trip soundtrack, Searching for The Wrong-Eyed Jesus. Compiled by American alt-country singer/songwriter, Jim White, this album is packed with the authentic sounds of America’s deep south and the romance of life on the road.

The Sound of The Suburbs

To lend a spiky edge to Friday’s journey home from work, try this punk and New Wave compilation, featuring classics from The Jam, Elvis Costello and Ian Dury.

Dire Straits

For a late night road trip, settle back with the ‘Sultans of Swing’ and enjoy a band who’ve forged an entire career out of writing perfect car journey music!


Cruise down the motorway with the wind in your hair and ‘Atomic’ or ‘Call Me’ blasting from your speakers for the perfect soundtrack to any hen night or ’girls only’ road trip.

Highway To Hell

To ease those rush hour tensions and satisfy the tight-trousered, hard rocker in all of us, try this AC/DC screamalong.

Driving Home For Christmas

And for family trips out with the kids over the holiday season? Sadly, since their choices will invariably annoy, it might just be better to get them an MP3 player and some headphones!

Whatever road trip soundtrack you choose, give yourself the peace of mind to enjoy it by making sure your car insurance is covered.