Cool cars on TV and the big screen

When it comes to the coolest cars, there’s nowhere like TV and the movies for iconic motors. We take a spin in five of our favourites.

Knight Rider

Known as the Knight Industries Two Thousand, or KITT to his mates, it wasn’t hard to see who the brains was in the partnership between the shiny black Pontiac Firebird TransAm and perfectly coiffed driver, David Hasslehoff.


A car that has a mind of its own and zooms off without warning could be scary, but given a sprinkle of Disney magic, everyone loves Herbie, the Volkswagon Beetle who’s a whizz on the racing track and a dab hand at playing cupid too. Make sure you show your car who’s boss by staying safe on the roads.


The DeLorean was chosen to star in Back to the Future because its futuristic design and gull-wing doors made the joke about the farmers mistaking it for a flying saucer completely believable! If you’re Marty’s age, get some great tips on scoring cheaper car insurance here.


There have been almost as many Bond cars as there have been actors playing the role. But most famous is the Aston Martin DB5, complete with pop-out guns on the indicators and the ultimate in secret agent gizmos, a revolving three-way number plate! Not all of us are as suave as Bond, but here are a few tips to keeping it cool in a car show room.


Along with the Batbike and the Batboat there’s always space in Batman’s garage, sorry, Batcave, for the Batmobile. In the movies it’s modeled on the chassis of a Chevy Impala, a sleek and shiny black number with low-slung bucket seats that you could surely only wriggle out of if you were wearing Bat-tights to protect your dignity.

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