Eight cars to buy in a recession

It’s not just cheaper models that can save money as the recession bites. A more fuel-efficient car will save on pennies when it comes to running costs, while a car in the lowest insurance group will attract cheaper premiums and smaller engines, lower car tax. Here are some of the best options for buying in a recession:

Smart Fortwo

If you can squeeze into it, this two-seater super-mini is one of the most fuel-efficient petrol or diesel cars on the market.

New Ford Fiesta

The new Ford Fiesta may look sleek, but it’s still a first choice car for many of those with a limited budget. It has very good fuel efficiency and some models are also in the lowest car insurance group as specified by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

Toyota Prius

One of the original hybrids, and still the most fuel-efficient small family car on the market. By employing an electric motor to aid acceleration, it will save you money on fuel and give your green credentials a boost.

Honda Civic Hybrid

As the cheapest hybrid in the UK, this is a good alternative to the Prius.

Kia Picanto

You will struggle to find many cars cheaper than the Kia Picanto. Some models, classified by the ABI as group one cars, will save you money on your car insurance, and its fuel efficiency is also good.

Perodua Kelisa

Possibly the cheapest new car on the market with list prices starting at just £4,700. Fuel and car insurance costs are rock bottom. A real budget option – although it may depreciate quickly.

Skoda Fabia Estate

The days of Skoda jokes are long gone. If you need an estate, this is one of the cheapest, most efficient on the market.


It may have a top speed of just 50mph and a driving range of 48 miles, but the G-Wiz electric car will reduce your fuel costs to almost zero. It is classified by the ABI as being in the group one car insurance bracket.

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