Would you pass a Highway Code Driving Theory test if you took it today?

From September 2007 learners hoping to gain a driving licence have had to answer mutliple choice questions (50 in total) on the Highway Code.

Here’s a sample of 10 questions, set by the Driving Standards Agency, any or all of which could appear in real test.

You’ll need to get at least nine correct to achieve the new pass rate.

Here are some questions from the Highway Code to see if you would still pass a Driving Theory test if you took it today

  1. When is it OK to ignore a traffic light?
    1. When turning left
    2. When a car passenger is pregnant and in labour
    3. When there are no other cars in sight
    4. Never
  2. When are you permitted to use the horn?
    1. At all times
    2. Between 5am and 2am
    3. Between 7am and 11.30pm
    4. From sunset to sunrise
  3. What’s the speed limit for cars & motorcycles in built-up areas?
    1. 20mph
    2. 30mph
    3. 35mph
    4. 40km/h
  4. What’s the difference between speed limits on dual carriage-ways and speed limits on motorways for cars and motorcycles?
    1. 0mph
    2. 10mph
    3. 20mph
    4. 30mph
  5. What’s the typical total stopping distance for a car at 40mph?
    1. 36m
    2. 46m
    3. 56m
    4. 66m
  6. Which of the following is not true?
    1. While driving you must not drive dangerously.
    2. While driving you must not drive without care and attention
    3. While driving you must not drive without style and panache
    4. While driving you must not drive without consideration for other road users
  7. When driving in built-up areas, which one of the following do you need to look out for?
    1. Children directing traffic
    2. Children emerging from driveways
    3. Children driving vehicles
    4. Children running out from between parked cars
  8. What should you not do in a street with traffic calming measures?
    1. Reduce your speed
    2. Allow cyclists and motorcyclists room to pass through them
    3. Avoid overtaking other moving road users while in these areas
    4. Speed up in between each speed bump
  9. Which of these is not necessary before moving off:
    1. Use all mirrors to check the road first
    2. Look around to check the blind spots
    3. Sound your horn to ensure it’s working
    4. Signal if necessary before moving out
  10. What MSM is important as you set off on a journey?
    1. Make up, Sandwich, Mobile
    2. Move, Speedily, Mate
    3. Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre
    4. Mirror, Switch on, Move off

[Answers: 10c 9c 8d 7d 6c 5a 4a 3b 2c 1d]

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